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Partille Tool Trading is a 38 years old company!

Founded in 1983 and today celebrating it's 38 years in business.
We import and export tools to the engineering industry. We work mainly with exclusive agencies and our own invented products PosiStop and Esset.



PosiStop is the perfect aid when turning short workpieces. Replaces all forms of distance sleeves and many times even soft jaws. 

PosiStop provides a simple, consistent method for locating short parts in a three-jaw lathe chuck. The chuck stop enables short parts to project beyond the chuck jaws, providing clearance for facing operations.

PosiStop is very accurate — front and rear locating surfaces are parallel within +/- 0.0004". The PosiStop eliminates the need to bore soft jaws, machine setup time is greatly reduced.

The captive, web-shaped design of the PosiStop eliminates the dangers of using spacers and parallels that could come loose and be thrown from a spinning chuck. Three strong neodymium magnets further secure the stop to the chuck face.


Esset, the milling machine's best friend. A unique Swedish invention that pays for itself after just a few days in your workshop. Availible in 3 different versions; Single, single with Multistop, Double with single pin, and a twin pin unit as optional extra.

The milling machines best friend!
Pays for itself after just a few days in your workshop. 
ESSET in brief:

ESSET is an adjustable stop for setting up workpieces in milling and drilling machines.

ESSET can be adjusted three-dimensionally – a completely unique technical feature.

The stop head has an inbuilt twostage locking process.

The stop pin has a hat plate, which means that ESSET can be used for stops in a slot or groove.

Each unit has a working height of 0-150 mm.

ESSET can be used as a stabiliser for workpieces which tend to vibrate in the machine.

It is practically impossible to wear out ESSET.


Country Products Agent
Australia PosiStop  
Austria Esset/PosiStop Skantek Industrieberatung GmbH
Belgium Esset/PosiStop NV van Maele
Canada Posistop Royal Products 
Denmark Esset Hajo Tool A/S
Finland Esset/PosiStop Kestools OY
France Esset/PosiStop Kopal-Carossino S.A.
Germany Esset/PosiStop Skantek Industrieberatung GmbH
Great Britain Posistop Leader Chuck Systems Ltd.
Israel Esset Noga Tools Ltd.
Italy Esset/PosiStop Cagelli Distribuzione Srl
Japan Posistop Techno Nakanishi Co. Ltd.
Netherlands Esset VIBA N.V.
New Zealand Esset/PosiStop Trade Tools Ltd
Norway Esset/PosiStop Nor-Swiss AS
Switzerland Esset Lestoprex
Switzerland Posistop Skantek Industrieberatung GmbH
USA Posistop Royal Products


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